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Vinyl upsurge

Many genres of dance music are still selling well when it comes to vinyl pressings. Theres nothing quite like the first time you open a piece of vinyl arrived in the post or brought from a store and place the need on the record. As for the sound well it really does make a difference to that especially when you DJ on a tasty sound system. The only draw back it carting those record bags with you on DJ sets.

We are pleased to see some exclusive vinyl bits being released and not only that they are selling out as they are limited. That means not every DJ will be playing those tracks. Thats exactly how it used to be some vinyl dub plates were so rare only the select few had them.

If money was no object we would be buying vinyl a plenty still. Respect to anyone out there who is pressing vinyl, theres so much more that goes into the production and you can hear the difference.

Some good vinyl stores to check out for your DJ set list: or home collection

Unearthed : A good range of Dubstep / Dub / Reggae

Databeats - Formation Records label Jungle and Drum and Bass

Spearhead Records - Liquid Drum and Bass amazing box sets

DNR Vinyl - real underground Garage, Grime and Dubstep

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